Sponsors & Trusted Vendors

Colorado W.O.L.F. carefully reviews every product and service vendor to ensure each company will provide excellence in quality, reliability and customer support to our Members before inviting that business to become a Sponsor.

The “MB” symbol featured in Sponsor listings indicates that business provides a Membership Benefit to Colorado W.O.L.F. Login to the Member Portal to view the benefit offered by that Sponsor.

Law Firm Marketing, Strategy & Plans

Meranda Vieyra founded Denver Legal Marketing LLC to provide marketing services to small law firms and solo practitioners.

An award-winning legal professional and one of the most visible marketing administrators in Denver law, Meranda providers her clients with streamlined marketing strategies focused on recognition, promotion and visibility.

  • Cost-Effective Law Firm Marketing Services
  • Strategies for Small Firm and Solo Practitioners
  • Award Submissions and Career Credentialing
  • Biography Writing and Content Marketing
  • LinkedIn and Social Media Management

This Sponsor provides Member Benefits.

Contact: Meranda M. Vieyra, Founder
(303) 507-3944

Visit Denver Legal Marketing’s Website here.

Legal Marketing: FindLaw/SuperLawyers/LawInfo/Abogado.com
Research Solutions: WestLaw Edge/Practical Law

Thomson Reuters gives our customers smarter ways to work by providing unrivaled legal solutions that integrate content, expertise and technologies.

We’ve built a portfolio of products that span practice and management for litigators, corporate counsel, business lawyers, government legal professionals and small law firm attorneys – legal solutions built to help our customers thrive.

Thomson Reuters is one of the world’s most trusted providers of answers, helping professionals make confident decisions and run better businesses. Our customers operate in complex arenas that move society forward — law, tax, compliance, government, and media.

This Sponsor provides Member Benefits.

Contact: Trevor Johnston, trevor.johnston@thomsonreuters.com

Visit Thomson Reuters’ Website here.

Firm Goal Setting, Budgeting, Legal Accounting & Bookkeeping

Are business operations taking your time away from your clients?

Remove distracting tasks, make better decisions about cash flow, and have peace of mind about trust accounting and billing with support from J.S. Cruickshank Business Services. We work with various law practice management and accounting software packages, virtually and flexibly to suit your needs.

Contact: Jill Cruickshank, Owner; jill@jscbusiness.com; (720) 333-0051

Visit J.S. Cruickshank’s Website here.

Forensic Analysis & Reports

Matson Driscoll & Damico LLP (MDD) is an award winning forensic accounting firm Matson Driscoll & Damico LLP (MDD) is an award winning, full-service forensic accounting firm providing consulting and expert witness services on a range of matters, including economic and financial valuations and damages.

We use our accounting, auditing, and investigative skills to analyze information and present the results in an easy-t0-understand manner to attorneys and triers of fact.

Contact:  Conrad Biegel, CPA, CVA, MSA; cbiegel@mdd.com; O: (303) 217-4543; M: (321) 297-7657

Visit MDD’s Website here.

Law Office Solutions

LawBank is a community of solo and small firm legal practitioners that offers an array of physical and virtual office solutions designed to enhance our members’ revenue from legal practice through mentorship, referrals, contract and co-counsel opportunities.

With monthly programming, vendor discounts, and cross-selling and up-selling collaborations, LawBank’s Colorado and Nevada locations are a great choice for small law firm owners looking to boost their practice to the next level.

Contact: Jay Kamlet
(303) 749-0660

Visit LawBank’s Website here.

Commercial & Forensic Consulting

J.S. Held is a global consulting firm with expertise in construction, environmental health & safety, equipment, forensic architecture & engineering, water & fire restoration, and forensic accounting & economics.

We are world-renowned experts who collectively analyze and investigate issues and disputes and provide solutions to complex matters faced by the legal industry.

Contact: Brandi Peppers, BPeppers@jsheld.com; (720) 765-4005

Visit JS Held’s Website here.

Law Firm Payment Processing

Approved by more than 110 state, local, and specialty bars, LawPay is the preferred payment partner of more than 55, 000 law firms.

Designed specifically for the legal industry, LawPay provides attorneys with a simple, secure way to accept online credit card and eCheck payments from clients.

LawPay understands the unique compliance and financial requirements placed on attorneys, which is why their solution was developed specifically to correctly separate earned and unearned fees, giving you peace of mind that your transactions are always handled correctly.


This Sponsor provides Member Benefits.

Contact: experts@lawpay.com
(866) 376-0950

Visit LawPay’s Website here.

Virtual Receptionists: Intake, Initial Consult, Calendaring

Smith.ai is a superior 24/7 virtual receptionist service for phone calls, website chats, and texts.

Operating since 2015, we specialize in serving law firms. Our skilled North America-based professionals, backed by our AI technology, answer calls, chats, texts, and Facebook messages; screen and intake clients; schedule appointments; and take payments. With 30+ integrations, including Clio, LawPay, and Calendly, conversations are synced with your systems.

This Sponsor provides Member Benefits.

Contact: sales@smith.ai
Call or text: 650-727-6484 or visit

Smith.ai’s website: www.smith.ai

Corporate & Business Legal Services

Government Relations Consulting

KLH Advisors PLLC offers a hybrid of services, including legal counseling, government affairs expertise and help with regulatory challenges.

With offices in Bozeman, MT and Denver, CO, KLH Advisors PLLC serves corporate clients and individuals with transactional work on business issues, lobbying and advocacy services, as well as business and industry knowledge covering many areas including real estate, construction, land use, and tribal law.

Contact: Kelley Huemoeller Lewis, Attorney at Law; klh@klhadvisors.com; (303) 829-6536

Visit KLH’s Website here.

Intellectual Property Consulting

We help our clients secure and protect intellectual property rights by providing creative, timely, and cost-effective intellectual property advice while balancing intellectual property and business interests.

Bernard IP Law, LLC exercises a special concentration in intellectual property law, working with patents to protect inventions and ornamental designs, trademarks to protect marks identifying goods or services, copyrights to protect original works, and trade secrets to protect valuable commercial information.

Contact: Julie L. Bernard

Visit Bernard IP Law’s Website here.

IT Consulting

Our IT consulting utilizes 25+ years of experience to enable law firms to thrive as integrated and remote workforces.

Our goal is to provide peace of mind around data and technology needs, using cloud-based resources and assuring our clients’ technology problems or concerns are in good hands. We take great pride in providing unique solutions and exceptional customer service every single day. We’re here for you!

Contact: Marcus Danko, Marcus@6061itconsulting.com
(303) 598-4140

Visit 6061 IT Consulting’s Website here.

Has another vendor provided your law firm excellent service and reliable solutions? Please email Chairwoman@COWOLF.org to invite those businesses to become Colorado W.O.L.F. sponsors and ask if they will extend our members special discounts or promotions.


The following businesses offer our Members special promotions or discounts:

  • Denver Legal Marketing: Marketing Strategy & Plans for Law Firms
  • Thomson Reuters, Marketing & Research Products: FindLaw, Super Lawyer, Abogado.com, WestLaw Edge, Practical Lawyer
  • LawPay: Credit Card & EFT Payment Processing
  • Smith.ai: Virtual Receptionists, Intake, Calendaring
  • Discovery Genie: Email Processing for Discovery Requests
  • Dylan Burr Portraits & Headshots


All businesses and Colorado W.O.L.F. members donating funds earmarked for membership dues or event ticket scholarships receive recognition as Scholarship Donors.

Interested in a different kind of sponsorship to better meet your donation aims?

Email Chairwoman@COWOLF.org to discuss an individualized sponsorship.