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Women Owned Law Firms

Colorado W.O.L.F. (Women Owned Law Firms) is the only professional group in Colorado exclusively for solo and small-firm Women Owned Law Firms.

Also fondly referred to as “WOLF Pack”, our organization provides professional, social, and well-being support to its members. With currently more than 250 attorneys, our group continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

All members have access to Colorado W.O.L.F.’s private Facebook page – our platform for daily communications, providing an immediate community to share practice questions, experiences, and wisdom, and create professional relationships for future referrals.


WOLF Pack was created in 2012 when two female solo law firm owners set out in search of a group of peers, looking for a forum promoting the exchange of ideas and solutions for managing and developing women-owned law firms. After finding such a group didn’t exist, these pioneers reached out to like-minded female law firm owners. Since then, members have gathered once a quarter to meet and network. “WOLF Pack” was eventually renamed “Colorado W.O.L.F. (Women Owned Law Firms)” and our private Facebook group was created.

In 2019, Colorado W.O.L.F. decided to expand its role; monthly membership meetings were started. Through these meetings and surveys, members expressed how the organization could greater support them and their law firms. Since then, bylaws and dues of $25/year have been established and plans made for monthly social, networking, and continuing legal education programming.

Colorado W.O.L.F. is excited about its 2020 initiatives, including launching a customized mentorship program, free CLEs and practice development training, and new virtual social and networking events. We strive to continue to expand what we offer to members, reflecting the various interests, needs, and diversity of our membership.

Colorado W.O.L.F. is the only professional group in Colorado organized exclusively for women-owned law firms. We
recognize that women who own and manage their own law firms may face unique professional and personal circumstances
or challenges.

All female attorneys licensed in Colorado who own an interest in a Colorado solo or small law firm that is at least 50%
female-owned are eligible to join Colorado W.O.L.F. “Small” law firms are generally those that have 10 attorneys or less.

All members current in yearly dues ($25) are provided access to create an Attorney Profile page on this website. For those in financial need, we offer dues scholarships.

Questions about our eligibility guidelines or organization? Please email membership@COWOLF.org with your inquiries.

Go to our Join Us page by clicking here. Our membership application is available at this link.

We look forward to hearing from you!

If you’re a women attorney who owns her own Colorado law firm, we would be pleased for you to consider joining us!

Individual, Business & Law Firm Clients


    As a collective, our members provide litigation and transactional legal counsel in nearly every practice area and to clients of every demographic, from individuals and business owners to nonprofits and large commercial enterprises.


    Colorado W.O.L.F. also provides members and other solo and small-firm legal practitioners the unique opportunity to easily locate and hire a Colorado women-owned law firm on a temporary or contract/project basis, providing transactional overflow or litigation support services.


    Colorado W.O.L.F. is composed of intelligent, savvy, and focused attorneys united in using our skills and talents to provide a high level of service while acting with truth and honor, diligently adhering to our attorney’s oath of treating all with fairness, courtesy, respect and honesty.


    When it’s critical to find an attorney who understands what you’re experiencing and will champion solutions that respond to your personal goals, engaging a Colorado W.O.L.F. means hiring an attorney who has represented and understands the needs of clients of every age, ethnicity, and socio and economic background.


    As solo and small-firm legal practitioners, we are able to offer hourly and alternative-billing rates that allow greater access to justice, rather than being driven by costs of large-firm overhead and administration.